We have an array of exciting opportunities designed exclusively for schools and college students to bridge the gap between academics and industry experience. Our aim is to provide valuable exposure and insights into the real-world professional landscape.

One of the key highlights of our Industry Interface program is the wide range of internships we offer. Whether you are a college student eager to gain practical experience or a school student looking to explore different career paths, our internships cater to all. These internships provide a hands-on learning experience, enabling you to apply your classroom knowledge in real work scenarios.

Campus hiring is another feature that sets us apart. We collaborate with leading companies and organizations to conduct campus hiring drives, connecting talented students directly with potential employers. This creates fantastic opportunities for you to showcase your skills and secure job offers even before you graduate.

Our platform also presents engaging live projects that give you the chance to work on real-life projects under the guidance of industry professionals. This invaluable experience not only enhances your skills but also boosts your confidence in tackling real-world challenges.

For those seeking to make the most of their summer breaks, we have thoughtfully designed summer internship programs. These programs allow you to make the most of your vacation by gaining valuable experience in your chosen field.

In addition to these practical experiences, Guidance Forever brings you updates and write-ups from esteemed industry leaders. From HR heads to CTOs and CEOs, these experts share their insights on the latest and future trends in the job market, the essential skills in demand, and the courses that can prepare you for success. This way, students and colleges can align their courses and curriculum to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Guidance Forever is thrilled to offer this Industry Interface platform, which acts as a powerful bridge connecting you to the professional world. Join us on this page to explore a world of opportunities, learn from industry leaders, and prepare yourself for a successful career journey ahead!