National Law School of India University, Bengaluru

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National Law School of India University, Bengaluru: The National Law School of India University (NLSIU) is a prestigious public law school located in Bangalore, India. It offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate, and PhD courses in law and related fields. The undergraduate program includes the B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) course, while the postgraduate offerings encompass LL.M, Master of Business Law, Master of Public Policy, Master of Philosophy, and various specialized diploma courses. NLSIU also provides certificate courses in areas such as consumer law, child rights law, environmental law, intellectual property rights law, medical law and ethics, and cyber law and cyber forensics. For those pursuing advanced research, NLSIU offers PhD programs in law and interdisciplinary studies. With an intake of 120 students, the B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) course at NLSIU is highly competitive, with reserved seats for different categories. The fee structure for each course can be obtained from the official NLSIU website. Renowned as the top law school in India, NLSIU has earned a reputation for producing exceptional legal professionals. Its curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in legal education, covering diverse areas such as arbitration law, contracts, family law, constitutional law, legal methods, and jurisprudence. NLSIU’s commitment to excellence and its comprehensive range of law courses make it a preferred choice for aspiring law students seeking a successful career in the legal field.

  • Total enrollment : 120
  • No. of international students : 10
  • Ranking by NIRF : 1

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