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About Us

Academics, in the present era, has been undergoing welcome changes that promise to take the nation on to a higher pedestal. At a time when management education has narrowed down to teaching students on how to create wealth for themselves, we have a different stream of thought. Along with shaping students to pursue the best corporate careers, we thought it would be best to handhold them to lead a growing nation poised to be among the topmost economies of the world.

It is in this context, the idea of Narayana Business School (NBS) springs up. Conceived and set up two decades ago, Narayana Business School isn’t all about just business. The academician duo of Dr Amit Gupta and Dr Purvi Gupta weighed the idea of a perfect business school where business is taught along with skills needed to lead a burgeoning economy and came up with the idea which has since blossomed.

Situated in the heritage city Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Narayana Business School (NBS) has embarked on the mission of shaping the future of aspirants through innovation, quality education and world-class research. With interactive and inclusive learning, focused sharply on students’ skills and attributes developing cultural agility, flexibility and ability to compete in the global markets, Narayana Business School is today the leader in the management and business education in the whole of Asia.

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