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Indian Institute of Management Udaipur:
The Indian Institute of Management Udaipur (IIM Udaipur) stands as a distinguished hub of business education in India, renowned for its array of academic offerings, prominently featuring esteemed MBA programs. The institution’s primary objective revolves around furnishing students with a holistic grasp of business administration, accompanied by the tools essential to blossom into conscientious, adept managers committed to societal well-being.

At IIM Udaipur, a flagship two-year, full-time MBA curriculum takes center stage. This comprehensive program envelops pivotal subjects spanning various functional domains, encompassing finance, marketing, operations, and human resources. Moreover, the pedagogy diligently spotlights global best practices, the art of analytics, entrepreneurial acumen, and the weight of social responsibility. Notably, the institution extends a specialized one-year MBA track termed Digital Enterprise Management (DEM), adroitly tailored for individuals boasting professional backgrounds. This DEM track strives to cultivate prowess in steering digital enterprises through refined management techniques.

For seasoned professionals wielding a minimum of three years’ experience subsequent to their qualifications, IIM Udaipur introduces the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration for Working Executives. This distinctive offering crafts a sturdy bedrock of management principles, nurturing executives with competencies vital for orchestrating triumph within their organizational realms.

IIM Udaipur also extends its purview to encompass doctoral pursuits, catering to scholastically adept aspirants yearning to embark on pioneering research endeavors in the realm of management. This avenue equips scholars with the platform to delve into their chosen domains, thus contributing substantively to the ever-evolving sphere of management knowledge.

  • Total enrollment : 200
  • No. of international students : 10
  • Ranking by NIRF : 16

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