ATLAS SkillTech University

About Us

ATLAS SkillTech University is India’s first new-age urban multidisciplinary university, located in Mumbai. The university’s focus is on multidisciplinary education across three new-age streams: Design & Innovation, Management & Entrepreneurship, and Digital Technology. It has embraced a futuristic model that was jointly developed by a global network of academics, business executives, and scholars from many academic fields.

ATLAS SkillTech University has developed a futuristic model co-created with well experienced scholars, industry experts, world leaders, and academicians of the international community. The university emphasises academic excellence, world-class faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, global institutional collaborations, and unique corporate connections to prepare students for success in Industry 4.0 and to become socially-responsible global leaders.

The interdisciplinary approach, industry-integrated experiential learning, global exposure, and emphasis on 21st Century Skills ensure that ATLAS students are future-ready to drive global impact. The university’s vibrant community of ATLAS Fellows has pursued higher education at top-ranked universities worldwide and collaborated with leading industry experts to solve pressing problems.

The university offers undergraduate programs that help build a strong foundation in a broad range of interdisciplinary fields, including design, technology, and business capabilities. Students have the opportunity to develop skills through field work, real-world projects, capstones, and internships. The curriculum is created in collaboration with renowned international institutions, such as the Parsons School of Design in New York and the Vancouver Film School in Canada.

ATLAS SkillTech University also provides an environment that nurtures innovation and encourages exploration, empowering researchers and students to push the boundaries of knowledge.

The university’s Student Research and Development Cell (SRDC) organizes workshops, training programs, and seminars to equip students with essential research skills and serves as a platform for fostering a culture of curiosity, critical thinking, and hands-on learning among students.

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