FT MBA Ranking 2024: India’s 6 Top Business Schools

The (Financial Times) FT MBA Ranking 2024 has once again highlighted the excellence of India’s business education landscape, with six institutions making it to the global list. The Indian School of Business (ISB) has emerged as the top MBA college in India, securing the 31st position globally, a significant improvement from its 39th position in 2023.

The FT MBA Ranking 2024 assesses business schools based on various criteria, including alumni networks, carbon footprint, weighted salary, salary percentage increase, FT research rank, faculty with doctorates, international course experience, international mobility, international students, value for money, ESG and net zero teaching, aims achieved, careers service, employed at 3 months, international faculty, female students, female faculty, career progress, sector diversity, and location by primary campus.

The top 6 business schools in India, according to the FT MBA Ranking 2024 made to this list.

6 Top India’s Business Schools: FT MBA Ranking 2024

FT MBA Ranking 2024 Name of B-Schools Location Website
31 Indian School of Business Hyderabad isb.edu
41 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Ahmedabad iima.ac.in
47 Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Bangalore iima.ac.in
67 Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Kolkata iimcal.ac.in
85 Indian Institute of Management Lucknow Lucknow iiml.ac.in
99 XLRI- Xavier School of Management Jharkhand xlri.ac.in

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