Goswami Ganesh Dutta S.D. College, Chandigarh

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Goswami Ganesh Dutta S.D. College, Chandigarh: Goswami Ganesh Dutta S.D. College is a distinguished institution located in Chandigarh, offering a diverse array of academic courses spanning various fields of study. The college has achieved recognition for its commitment to academic excellence, holding an esteemed ‘A+’ grade accreditation from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), headquartered in Bangalore. The college presents a spectrum of courses catering to diverse academic interests, including programs in Business & Management Studies, Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, IT & Software, and Accounting, among others. The fee structure for the courses offered varies, with costs ranging up to INR 24,000, ensuring accessibility to education.
One of the flagship offerings of Goswami Ganesh Dutta S.D. College is its Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, designed for students with a keen interest in the dynamics of business and management. The BBA program spans a duration of three years, providing a comprehensive curriculum that covers various facets of business administration. Students engage with subjects that equip them with practical knowledge and skills relevant to the business world, from organizational behavior to marketing strategies and financial management. To be eligible for admission, students are required to have completed their 10+2 education with a minimum of 50% marks and a background in Mathematics. This ensures that students possess a foundational understanding of mathematical concepts, which are integral to the business domain.
Placement opportunities for the BBA program at Goswami Ganesh Dutta S.D. College can be sought from the college administration. The college often collaborates with industries and corporations to provide students with exposure to potential career pathways and hands-on experiences. Goswami Ganesh Dutta S.D. College stands as an excellent institution offering a diverse array of academic courses, including a comprehensive BBA program.

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